Corporate ID

Designing and managing corporate identity is something that goes far beyond being able to draw a brand logo on the table.
You have to know the company’s process and the people working there to get in tune with their corporate philosophy. Inspiration, approach, work environment, shared goals are only a few of the aspects that are analyzed and summarized in the “key character points”, which describe the brand exactly as if it was a person. The “key issue” of communications, which is derived from the latter (i.e. how it is exteriorly), is to complete a real virtual ID card that defines a company’s personality and uniqueness at first glance.
This is a brief explanation on how our Brand ID Card gets developed which includes stylistic guidelines and relationship rules as a starting point for the creation of the logo, packaging, coordinated image and any future advertising or promotional business. It is the tool we offer to ensure that the communication criteria, uniformity and consistency, are met.

We work hard to make sure everything is in its right place – this is the best way to be instantly recognizable, credible and reliable.



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