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Promotions, sponsorships,
public relations

Promotional activities are the communication tools that connect businesses and prospects together. The potential customer can determine the transformation of his own interest into action or renunciation. The brand is always seductively tempting, but it also employs a tailored, practical and straightforward communicative language towards its customers.
Such a redefinition of roles is crucial in order to perform a campaign which is perceived as an enhancement of the proposal and not as mere propaganda.
A good presentation is not enough by itself. It must be balanced by informing, identifying with, and if possible, amazing the customers. Knowledge of the instruments of BTL transactions allows the use of diversified channels to meet customer needs even in the most unexpected circumstances.
The planning of synergic and non-invasive initiatives represents a multiple stimulus that allows you to become familiar with the company, immediately associating it with a particular need, situation, or state of mind. This strategy is the basis for the coordination of the below-the-line campaigns underlying our communication plans.



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